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The Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC), Haldia Govt. College is dedicated towards ensuring that persons from across communal, regional and religious spectrums are able to access our pedagogical and extra-curricular resources and infrastructures with safety and dignity, and towards promoting diversity and inclusivity within and without the college. Hence, the EOC works for affirmative action amongst and for differently-abled persons, persons from SC, ST and OBC categories, persons from minority religions, and outstation students living in paying guest accommodations. To this effect, the EOC organises workshops on pedagogical sensitivity in relation to socio-political discrimination for the teaching staff; workshops, lectures and interactive events against discrimination of all kinds for the student community at large; encourages greater admission of persons from aforementioned communities in the student body; acts as a facilitator for resources and support which persons from aforementioned communities might need for a safer and equitable access to our resources and infrastructure; and works with other statutory college bodies, such as the Women’s Cell as well as with the Students’ Union and with societies/clubs part of the Extra-Curricular Activity Committee, in generating pertinent discourse on the ills of discrimination and the necessity of strong, pervasive action on all fronts against it, and of augmenting our own infrastructure and resources for the benefit of persons from aforementioned communities.