Vision and Mission



  •       To create opportunities of holistic education for a large section of the youth to enable them to evolve as proper citizens of modern India, thereby ensuring their role as nation builders.
  •       To provide the necessary knowledge and knowhow to help them in their endeavours to enhance their skills.
  •       To evolve as a Centre of Higher Education and provide research opportunities.
  •       To ensure an environment that will stimulate intellectual growth and allow free exchange of ideas between members of different communities and social strata.



  •   To secure equal opportunities for students of all sections of society so that they are free from the pressures of discrimination imposed by social and monetary constraints.To encourage  the youth to attain academic excellence overcoming the problems faced by backward and underprivileged sections of society.
  • To create an atmosphere conducive to proper grooming of girl students who are often deprived of the same facilities as boy students.
  • To generate interests among students in subjects ranging from the liberal arts, core science subjects to the social sciences and physical education.
  • To equip students to seek jobs in future by providing vocational education like Tourism and Travel Management.
  • To make students aware of their environment and help them to preserve ecological balance.
  • To inculcate in them the spirit of curiosity and eagerness to seek knowledge to pave the way for sustained academic research in the sciences, social sciences and liberal arts.
  • To give them information on issues of national and global significance so that they are able to play a larger role in nation building.
  • To enable and initiate them to handle the challenges of life in the context of the present scenario of increased competition and demanding levels of commitment.



  • Spread of value based education among different sections of society irrespective of caste, creed and gender.
  • Encourage and promote higher education and research among the youth for more meaningful roles in social development.